Moved to my Home Page

26 08 2009

Finally, I integrated this blog with my home page. Please visit to continue reading my thoughts…

Thank you ….

Troubleshooting Apps on MaC

27 04 2009

This might not be a path-breaking post, but wanted to share how I troubleshooted Firefox not running on my MaC.

Recently, I began to see that my Firefox browser has not been working on my MaC. I removed the application (moving it to trash), reinstalling it etc. But the problem still persisted. As per the MaC, if the application is moved to trash, the same would be completely uninstalled. But, this did not happen. When I downloaded and reinstalled Firefox, the problem persisted and continued.

I used AppZapper and uninstalled Firefox. Then I understood that few of the DLL’s were struck and the whole application was not unistalling completely.

Now I re-installed Firefox and it is working like a zoom… 🙂