Scorpio Service & Costs

30 11 2007

Owning a Mahindra Scorpio is a dream and you will not only need a bit of money, but also passion to maintain the car. It is no doubt a hazzle free SUV, but it sure needs your attention a bit. But, as long as you adhere to the service schedules, trust me, you can rock with your Beast.

Here is the schedule I followed for my Scorpio and amount paid:

Date At KM Service Type Amount Paid

10-06-2006 715 Free Rs. 0

01-09-2006 4704 Free Rs. 3,100

04-12-2006 9791 Free Rs. 620

29-01-2007 14,861 Free Rs. 1,160

08-06-2007 19,553 Free Rs. 2,900

29-08-2007 24,870 Paid Rs. 4,402

01-12-2007 29,695 Paid Rs.5,994

14-04-2008 35,149 Paid Rs. 7,482

17-06-2008 41,262 Paid Rs.8,495

11-08-2008 44,650 Paid Rs. 7,200

02-01-2009 49,785 Paid Rs.11,554 (Brakpad’s replaced and all oil’s topped)

07-07-2009 55,348 Paid Rs.3,885 (All Oil’s topped up)

The first one is the PDI performed before the car is delivered.

I changed break pads during 24,870 Service.

30,000 / 60,000 / 90,000 (every 30,000 KM) service is going to be the most expensive taking the bill close to Rs.8,000.

Please remember, that this is a Diesel Vehicle and the Free service implies that routine checks are free and any replacements (Oil etc) and labour are chargeable. Do not compare this vehicle to a C/B segment petrol Cars.

Normally, we have a mis-conception that diesel cars are cheaper to maintain (cost of Diesel is less and petrol is almost 50% more), but when it comes to long range maintenance, both costs run parallel.

Car Wash in Bangalore

7 10 2007

After coming back from my trip to Vizag, was on hunt to see if there was any decent Car Wash available in Bangalore (other than the traditional water cleaning shed’s). My search was successful after my friend told me that she has seen a car wash center.
I decided to check this place and went on a Saturday morning. The first thing they did was interiors vacuumed. The next was the Car Bath. The equipment is provided by Marvel Car Wash and the sprinklers do really touch the corners which you usually cannot clean with hand.
The dryer’s at the end of the system blow out hot air to clean up the car and then there is manual cleaning also.
The overall cleaning process was good, but was a bit disappointed towards the end that I was showing them small stains which remained (When I went mine was the second car and by now there are about 10 cars waiting and I really don’t think I can blame them).

Here is the address and phone number of this Car Wash center:
SLV Car Wash, #43, Old Kanakpura Road,
Basavangudi, Bangalore – 560 004.
Ph: +91.80.26615942

Try not to go on a weekend or go very early. They open by 7:30 AM everyday.

Price for the Car Wash is Rs.250 and with Polishing is Rs.450. They have a scheme of 7 Wash’s for Rs.1,250 (5 Paid + 2 Free) which you can use in a year’s time not only for your car but for any other car which you might wish to take.

All New Scorpio 2006

24 10 2006

I decided to buy a Scorpio long ago. But, was unable to buy due to the huge investment. Finally, the day has come when I could afford it. I was trading in my 3 Year old Santro in which I did about 55,000 KM to buy my dream car.
I went for a test drive when the new version of Scorpio was launched. I was quite impressed. Thanked my stars that I could buy the new version and not the old one. On May 10,2006 I went ahead and booked the car. Got the vehicle delivered on the 10, June 2006. WOW!
This is a fambulous car made by India, for the Indian who cannot buy imported SUV’s. People told be that Scorpio is not at all advisable for Bangalore (this is where i live) roads. But, I still went ahead. After driving for around 4 Months, I can definitely say that this is a Santro in its segment in terms of Manuvarability. Believe me! I am not writing this on behalf of Mahindra nor any magazine. This comes from my heart. You should know how to handle a car and you will definitely enjoy driving this machine.
If at all I need to suggest one this for improvement, I would only say “Breaking”. It takes around 3-4 Sec to get the car to a standstill when you are driving at 100 KMPH. This is a bit huge time when you are talking about Indian roads. If this beast had ABS, nothing like it. I think I read it in one of the car magazines that ABS would be included by the year end, and i am sure that the price would be at least 1.5 Lacs more (which would definitely be beyond my budget). Even this version is amazing…