Pocket Tripod for you Digital Camera

1 02 2008

If you are into Photography, there is one thing which always bothers you – shaky photographs. This is more common in Digital Photos. You use a tripod to solve this and most of the times have felt the pain to carry your tripod in your backpack. However, here is an innovative solution for creating your own simple and yet effective tripod, check it out  🙂

Canon Rebel XT

28 10 2007

After a serious research and hunting for a cost effective camera, I zeroed in on the Nikon D40 earlier. However, after a little more research and analysis I decided to go for the Rebel XT, the EOS series Digital SLR from Canon.

This is a 8 MegaPixel camera which came with 18-55 MM lens Kit. I will not speak more on the technical configuration, as the camera model link above will give you all the details (even those which I will not), but will speak a little bit on my experiences.
Well, the first think I will need to admit is the ease of use of the camera. The menu is very user friendly and you will not need to go through the manual too, if you have already handled a point-and-shoot camera before. I felt that the operation is much better and easier than point-and-shoot and also other cameras in its category. I have been using a Pentax ZX 50 Analog SLR camera for about 6 years now and recently bought a Nikon Cool Pix point-and-shoot just to capture small moments when I do not carry my Analog SLR.

iMac and Nikon D40

14 10 2007

Apple Mac Notebook

For a long time now, I have been really raving for a Mac Book. Earlier, when I got my Acer, was seriously thinking of picking up this dream machine, but it was not able to afford. Now, I think I am very serious about this machine and I am seriously thinking of picking up very soon. The configuration I am looking for is 13 Inch, 2.16 GHz, Intel Core Duo, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, CD/DVD RW. At the current exchange rates, i feel this is the right time to pick this beauty. Hopefully I can….
Nikon D40

This is my another wish. I researched a bit on the DSLR Camera’s and finally zeroing on this one for its afford ability and features. This has got a 2.5 inch LCD screen, comes with 18-55 MM lens, Remote control to shoot self pictures, Auto and Manual modes for preference of picture shooting, Auto flash, Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close Up and night portrait pictures. The other lens I would definitely suggest is the 35-200 MM lens which will help a mature photographers the flexibility of taking various kinds of pictures. Photography is science and going forward, will try writing reviews / understanding of lens for people who are beginning to have their own photography collection. With technology advancing everyday, buying a good camera is just being affordable.

Let me get into photography classes later, just wanted to share my thoughts on this computer and camera…share you thoughts if you already have one of these and make me make a better decision.

Frames of Mind 2007

9 06 2007

I have been to the “Frames of Mind 2007” exibition organized by the Bangalore Photography Club. It is really worth a visit. I took my dad along and he too liked it very much.
Few of the photograph’s which stood out in the gallery (my list) are:
Suprabhatam – Ajay
A New Beginning – Missed the photographer’s name 😦
Wild Silhouette – Sanjay KH
Natures Mirror – Rakesh Balaji
What Next – Ashish V
Evening Hues – Ankit Pai
Misty Morning, don’t see no sun – Bob Marely – Arun Kurian (This is a fantastic photograph)

I tried looking and adding links to the photos I mentioned above, but could not find them in open album, but if you want to see amazing works of other Photographers, visit www.BangalorePhotograhpyClub.com.

Although I have just mentioned about few photos above, all photographs displayed in the exibition are absolutely fantastic…

Good going BPC, hope to see many more excellent works in the near future.