What does Penseur mean and why did I get this name? Penseur in French means “Thinker”. I was researching on the name of my web site and looked at many options. The word Penseur caught my attention. It was simple, easy to pronounce, easy to remember and last but not the least, it depicts my personality very closely.

I have varied interests – Reading, Music, PhotographyBloggingDriving,Entrepreneurship and Project Management. I keep trying my hand at various things, but try to ensure I stick to my core areas of interest.

I am a fun-loving, abitious, self-motivated and happy-go-luck person aspiring to change the way we live. Changing the way we live? Yes, you have read it correctly; but I do not have a concreate answer to the question myself, but am determined to do something. I have been trying hard to create a platform which can help enhance the quality of human life and not limiting myself to that, with my experience and exposure am trying to contribute to promoting Enterpreneurship, which in one way or other can support my ideology to enhance quality of life.

Thinking of Entrepreneurship

One of my earliest readings is “Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” by Prof. Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahalad (aka as CKP) and this changed the way I look around. In this book, Prof.CKP illustrated that 80% of people in today’s world are either at middle or bottom of the economical pyramid and how this population can dramatically change the Vision of any Business. Examples illustrated are from various parts of the world with few succesful stories from India too. My next reading was a thesis on BoP model by Aneel G Karnanai –Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: A Mirage. This gives a very contrasting view of all case studies in Prof. CKP’s book. My inspiration has been the concept and ideology of “Bottom of Pyramid“. I am working on building by NGO around this model. An NGO? and around the BoP model? Yes, very much. You may find out more about the model and the organization at Dazasya and HeadStart Home Pages.


Place of Birth: Visakhapatnam – The City of Desitny, Andhra Pradesh

Place of Residence: Bangalore – The Garden City, Karnataka, India

Time Zone: +05:30 GMT

Contacting me

E-Mail: hpudipeddi at gmail dot com

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