What is Twitter for me?

17 08 2009

Twitter, has been a much acclaimed tool for most of us today. Professionals, Technology Enthusiasts, Media, Famous Personalities, Actors, Politicians etc are all getting on to twitter to make their Social Presense felt across.

I joined the Twitter Bandwagon around one and half years back and since then, it has become one of my everyday addictions. I use twitter to keep in touch with my friends, know what my clients are doing and learn new things which spread like wildfire in News and Technology.

I keep twittering, but only dedicate around an hour every day (30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before I go to bed) to read through all tweets posted by whom I am following. If there is any interesting read, I favorite the tweet and re-visit when I get more time. I do not want my timeline to be cluttered with any unnecessary information and hence I protect my tweets and ensure I cross check if anyone requests to follow me.

Here is a synopsis of whom I follow:

44% of whom I follow are my friends. In this category, I include people who have requested to follow me or I request to follow even though we do not know each other personally and it is just mutual interests which bring us together.

I work in the HealthCare domain, and my clients are Hospitals and Clinics. (Most of the Hospitals I follow are my clients)

@harinathpv Twitter Statistics

@harinathpv Twitter Statistics

10% of whom I follow share the same hobby with me (Photography, Technology, Gadgets, Innovation etc).

12% of whom I follow are into Market Research across the world.

Remaining are interesting personalities from whom I can learn one thing or the other.

Its a long way to go, but am on my way of using Twitter to keep my passion going and learning…..



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