Twittering life

9 01 2008

Of late, I am spending a lot of time on my twitter home page. In a day, at least I take 30 minutes to go thru all the twitters over the time. Also, twittering from my Nokia E62 is really being a pleasure. Why is twittring addictive? Is there anything special about it? My friend asked me – “What do you get by sharing what your thoughts are? Why do you want every one to know everything? ” I do understand that it might be sensitive for people to exactly share what is in their minds, but twittering is just not about that. It gives you an opportunity to share information to your friends when you like. Unlike blogging, twittering expects your expression to be shared in 160 characters, which will add to your language skills 🙂

Twittering is a recent development and as on date, we do not have more than 2000 people Indian registrants on twitter. But this trend is soon to take shape.




One response

29 07 2008

hmmmm….. i believe in what you say and its all about how and what u would want to convey and yet do it in a suttel way .
you made me join this twittering ……

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