Scorpio Service & Costs

30 11 2007

Owning a Mahindra Scorpio is a dream and you will not only need a bit of money, but also passion to maintain the car. It is no doubt a hazzle free SUV, but it sure needs your attention a bit. But, as long as you adhere to the service schedules, trust me, you can rock with your Beast.

Here is the schedule I followed for my Scorpio and amount paid:

Date At KM Service Type Amount Paid

10-06-2006 715 Free Rs. 0

01-09-2006 4704 Free Rs. 3,100

04-12-2006 9791 Free Rs. 620

29-01-2007 14,861 Free Rs. 1,160

08-06-2007 19,553 Free Rs. 2,900

29-08-2007 24,870 Paid Rs. 4,402

01-12-2007 29,695 Paid Rs.5,994

14-04-2008 35,149 Paid Rs. 7,482

17-06-2008 41,262 Paid Rs.8,495

11-08-2008 44,650 Paid Rs. 7,200

02-01-2009 49,785 Paid Rs.11,554 (Brakpad’s replaced and all oil’s topped)

07-07-2009 55,348 Paid Rs.3,885 (All Oil’s topped up)

The first one is the PDI performed before the car is delivered.

I changed break pads during 24,870 Service.

30,000 / 60,000 / 90,000 (every 30,000 KM) service is going to be the most expensive taking the bill close to Rs.8,000.

Please remember, that this is a Diesel Vehicle and the Free service implies that routine checks are free and any replacements (Oil etc) and labour are chargeable. Do not compare this vehicle to a C/B segment petrol Cars.

Normally, we have a mis-conception that diesel cars are cheaper to maintain (cost of Diesel is less and petrol is almost 50% more), but when it comes to long range maintenance, both costs run parallel.




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9 12 2007
Banibrata Dutta

I’ve a 4.5yrs Wagon-R. I do regular maintenence, almost every 6 months, and each time, the bill have been between 1.5-4K. Of course, during the initial 2years, it was a bit less. Given the size and purchasing cost of the vehicle, I’d not classify the above maintenence costs of Scorpio to be high… infact I am pleasantly surprised to find that they are not that high.

Happy riding.


11 06 2009

Bro !!!
Which model you own?

11 06 2009

I own 2006 Slx Model.

24 10 2010

go for fiat palio 1.6 …. great speed, handling, smooth engine, u can easily touch 160kmph speed…. But Palio’s mileage is just 7-8 kmpl in city…. its a powerful car with amazing technology…. italian engine…. fiat are the ones who manufactures Ferrari cars..

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