OCC New Format

14 10 2007

OCC Bangalore has had a good reception from many Entrepreneurs in Bangalore. Ramji and Vaibhav have put in lot of energy to get this group going and I am happy that they are doing an excellent job. When we last met, we discussed that this group should have more focus in the meets and there should be a better format. As on date, this group meets once in two weeks at some location mutually agreed by people. Honestly, till date, we have been meeting at Brew HaHa at Koramangala. We have come out with a new format – Technically, meeting once in two weeks is twice in a month. We thought one meeting in those two weeks should be focused on a particular topic and one person can speak on the topic / start a discussion on the same. The other meeting, will be a general catch up and we can have open discussion.
Today, as I write this post, the group has met up at ThoughtWorks office to discuss on IP Protection and Patent Laws. I am waiting for an outcome of this meeting, and requested Ramji to get some kind of minutes for people like me, who were not able to make it for the meet.



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