Silence for a long time…

31 03 2007

I have recently changed role in my company. Now, I manage consulting teams (out from Testing after 6 Years) and have been busy since then. I thought this move made sense as I would have the option of seeing how other parts of the Project Lifecycle work. As this is a new team which we are forming as part of the India Operations, it has been challenging for me too, which is very very interesting. This is not a reason for me to be silent, but yes, this is one of the key reasons for my silence.

Bangalore BarCamp3
BCB3 is happening today and tomorrow at IIM,Bangalore campus. Even though I signed up to be a volunteer in organizing this camp (the topic is very close to my heart and this is what i am interested in doing), I could not participate as I am currently travelling. Here I am in sitting in a Hotel room in London, been sick for last week due to bad weather 😦
However, my friends in BCB3 are online and been blogging continiously giving virtual people like us access to what is happening there live!
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My latest Reading
Interesting book which I picked up at Bangalore airport just before i flew out – CHINDIA, How China and India are Revolutionizing Global Business. Could not get through the complete book yet, but it is giving a glimpse of the differences between the two countries and how the world is looking at them. Will post more information once I get through it…

Bangalore BarCamp 3.0

10 03 2007

It’s long time since I penned. Beginning of the year, I took a vow that I will write once a week (at least once in two weeks). But, since then, my weekends have been taking me away for various things…Life is going on…

Coming to the point, we are having Bangalore BarCamp 3.0 on the 31 March and 1 April. Theam this time is going to be around SocialTech, my area of interest and life. Unfortunately, I will be travelling during those dates and will not be able to make it for the un-conference.

I am sure I can keep myself posted with live blogging…..