Trip to Vizag

10 01 2007

I am born and brought up in The City of Destiny – Visakhapatnam. I come home once a year and I try to make it during Pongal. This time I decided to go home by drive along with my Parents. Here are my trip details…

Total Distance : 1,102
Total Drive Time: 16 Hrs 12 Minutes

We started in Bangalore at 6 AM in the morning and by 8 PM, we covered a distance of ~850 KM to reach Rajahmundry, a place 220 KM from Vizag.

From Bangalore, we need to take Old Madras Road to reach Chittore. From Chittore you need to deviate towards Tirupati and hit Gudur to touch the Golden Quadrilateral NH 5. I need to admit that this is one of the best things which can happen to India – The Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) Project. The road is amazing and fantastic. However, watch out for loads of Toll Gates on the GQ.

Trip Log

Place Distance Distance from Bangalore
Bangalore 0.00  
A1, Chittore 167.00 167.00
Sri Kalahasti 133 300.00
Naidupeta 32.00 332.00
NH5, GQ 9.00 341.00
A1, Gudur 40.00 381.00
A1, Nellore 140.00 521.00
Vijayawada 173.00 694.00
Rajamundry 185.00 879.00
Visakhapatnam 223.00 1102.00

Where to take Breaks?
The best places to take breaks are A1 Plaza operated by Reliance. ThisPlaza is behind a Reliance Petrol Bunk on the highways. In the above trip log, I mentioned where you can find a A1 Plaza.
Note: If you are driving from Niadupeta to Gudur you will be on the left and A1 is on your right. When you see the board for A1, slowdown and there is a break in the median for A1 just 20 Mtrs before. You take your right and drive in the opposite direction.

Toll Gates
The following are the toll gates and the price you need to pay.

Chittore Bye-Pass to Tirupati Rs. 10
Budhanam Toll Plaza, Nellore Dist. Rs. 20
Nellore Toll Plaza, Nellore Dist. Rs. 15
NHAI Toll Plaza, Sunnambatti, Nellore Dist Rs. 35
Paleru Toll Gate Rs. 10
Kaza Toll Plaza Rs. 40
Potipadu Toll Gate Rs. 15
Kalaparu Toll Gate Rs. 15
NAHI Tanuku Toll Plaza Rs. 55
NHAI K Varam Toll Plaza Rs. 45
NHAI Vempadu Toll Plaza Rs. 45
Aganampudi Toll Gate Rs. 15
Total Rs. 320

I spent Rs.3344.00 for Diesel which amounts to 98.35 Lts of Diesel. Average milage is 11.5 KM.

Total Drive Cost
To summarize, I spent approximately Rs 3.32 per KM.

This is one of my best drives till date. If you planning for a drive to this side of the country, dont think twice, you will really enjoy it.



7 responses

13 02 2007

Thanks a million, your post is pretty helpful as I ma planning a trip on this ropute in another 2 weeks (Bangalore – Tirupathi – Rajahmundry)

25 12 2008

Hi, that is quite informative article. Even i am planning a trip from Bangalore to Vizag which is my native place. I intend leave B’lore by noon and say overnight at Tirupati, have a darshan next day morning and spend that day in and around Tirupati. Next day early morning i will start and try to reach Vizag by night.

This is first time on GQ and hope it is good. I will be taking my WagonR with wifey and 2 kids but i am the only driver. . Can any body tell me i can reach Vizag by night, if i do not stop at too many places. I am not a race driver but prefer to cruise at 70-80kmph and occasionally hit 100+
And what will be mileage for WagonR on such a long drive

I will leave around 10th Jan, 09.

26 12 2008

Hello Shravan,

Tirupati to Vizag is around 750 KM. With family and kids, you might be taking stops for lunch and breaks. Keep one thing in mind is that from Gudur to Vijayawada, there are no decent places to stop and eat on the GQ. The two A1’s have been closed 😦 The last time I went, there is no way you can stop and eat on the main road. I was alone while driving and so managed with the snacks I had and chai at few places. When you reach Guntur, you can deviate into the city, eat and then come back to the main road.

With an average speed of 70 KMPH, you should be able to do in 10 hours + another 2 hours for your pit stops.

31 12 2008

great. thx.

24 05 2009

the roads are really good to drive..and u don’t really feel so tired of driving on these roads. I done it on my Karizma….in NOV 2007., taking a one day break in vijaywada. It costed me around 2000 for fuel. It is one of my best ever ever….on my babe

25 05 2009

Hey MaXX. I am jealous of your trip. I want to do it on a Bullet, but donno when I would do it.

15 12 2010
Nanda Kishore

hi guys,thanks for the ample info on blore to vizag route.I am plannin a road trip in my mahindra xylo in jan 2011.Considering my vehicle has great engine power and highway cruising ability,i hope to cover the 1100 km distance in 12hrs,lets see if its possible

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