Social Entrepreneurship…

19 11 2006

1. What is Social Entrepreneurship?

  • Entrepreneurship for a cause, contributing to uplifting standard of living.
    It is your regular business model with Profits and Losses – You can be rich and well established too!!!
  • Aim is to create a product/service which is ‘purely’ for social benefit.

2. What are the various areas? (In broad terms, to begin with)

  • HealthCare
  • Education

These two are primary requirements of any society. If these are available, then many other aspects can be addressed – Poverty, Quality of life etc.

3. How can individuals come together?

  • People with common thoughts and chosen area to establish an organization.
  • Commitment to enhance Quality of Life.

4. Is there a difference between Entrepreneurship Vs. Social Entrepreneurship?

  • Desire to be an Entrepreneur with a difference while doing your regular work! – You need not give up your regular job, and still be an entrepreneur of your choice marking a difference…
  • Changing the way we live…


18 11 2006

I read about BarCamp ( recently and was exicted to know that these type of forums existed to encourage innovativity.
As I am from Bangalore, India, I was interested to check out if there is any BarCamp activity here. Fortunately, there is one which was organized in the past and now we are getting together for another BarCamp. Visit BarCamp Bangalore Hompe Page for more details and registration…

I will write more in detail of my experiences after taking part.

Getting together

5 11 2006

To bring people who are interested in innovating to change the way we live, I have created a new group – Do come and join and let us work towards making this world a better place to live.